Where no camera has gone before.

Get visibility where you didn’t think it was possible, practical or affordable.

The world’s easiest, most affordable
off-the-grid visibility solution

CSI Security brings you LiveView, an amazingly simple, plug-and-play remote video camera system that streams 24/7 live video and data from even the most remote locations, without the need for power or an Internet connection.

Video Streaming Surveillance

Wherever there’s a cell signal, you can have eyes.

  • Easy to deploy – automatically connects to cell signal
  • A plug and play trailer you can easily setup yourself
  • Solar-powered – no need for power or an Internet connection
  • 24/7 Video Streaming – not time-lapse
  • A proprietary cloud-based web platform that makes remote management simple by bringing all video, data, and devices into one easy-to-use platform.
Remote Video Surveillance

1.7 GB average data/month!
Unbeatable bandwidth efficiency

  • Nobody comes close to LiveView’s tiny 1.7 Gigs a month average data/month usage
  • You won’t be hit with extra, outrageous cell phone charges – data usage is included in the lease
  • We guarantee the best bandwidth efficiency – so you can capture and archive all you want
LiveView Surveillance

If you can turn a wrench and download an app, you can do this yourself.

  • Simple, quick, easy and DIY – no need for a middleman
  • Set up and streaming in 20 minutes!
  • Not tied to a desktop – view and manipulate camera from any device – smartphone, tablet, desktop
  • Review a whole day’s video in a few minutes
  • LiveView’s proprietary technology gives users DVR-like capabilities for all cameras
  • You’re not alone – LiveView 24/7 Support monitors, troubleshoots and ensures you’re up and running
Surveillance Services
Surveillance Services

Already over 1,000 deployments around the world

  • A proven, cost-effective solution with many industry applications
  • Oil and Gas
    • Remote Project Surveillance
    • Asset Protection
    • Promote Safety
  • Construction
    • Project Management
    • Theft Deterrent
    • Safety Monitoring
  • DOTs
    • Road and weather conditions
    • Traffic monitoring
    • Incident management

Leading the way in remote visibility.

Rapid Deployment

  • For transient situations
  • Move it wherever you need
  • Easy to trailer
  • Rapid deployment to fill gaps
  • Augment human security

Fits your site just right

  • Small enough for even tight spaces
  • Adjustable stabilizers for uneven ground
  • Units easily secured but also has GPS locator
  • Excellent deterrent and compliance benefits

Amazing Versatility

  • LiveView streaming technology can be applied to existing camera hardware
  • Camera systems can be hard wired to poles and grid electricity
  • Camera systems can be mounted to vehicles
  • Can easily add more features – LED lights, audio or other alert and data sensors

Rugged and Robust

  • Operates in rugged and remote environments.
  • Lightweight and simple design
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Maneuverable by hand
  • Stable in high wind and storm prone areas

Unbeatable functionality

  • Easily programmable
  • Quickly customize multiple views
  • Instant remote control of ad-hoc Pan, Zoom, Tilt
  • Simple and intuitive search history
  • Quick extraction of video and stills
  • Supports multiple viewers at same time

Premier technology and support

  • Military-grade stream security
  • High quality video
  • Redundant backup locally and in cloud
  • Typically over 80 days of storage
  • 24/7 support from LiveView
  • 99% operational integrity track record

A remote surveillance solution
for a wide range of applications

Remote Project Surveillance

Remote Project Surveillance

LiveView Network provides a remote video surveillance solution that can keep up with the demands of the oil and gas industry and construction industry. LiveView empowers investors, project managers, and safety personnel by allowing them to get eyes on their project 24/7 from virtually anywhere. In such a highly regulated industry, compliance is critical. With remote management, managers can improve compliance and efficiency, promote a safer jobsite, and reduce insurance and project costs.

Asset Protection

Asset Protection

Each year oil and gas companies, construction companies and DOTs invest millions of dollars in new equipment that in many cases is located in areas that are difficult to monitor. With live streaming video, project managers can get real time footage of their remote locations and be able to better control the traffic going in and out of their job site. Putting cameras on a job site is a deterrent to theft, vandalism and other unsafe or destructive behavior.

Promote Safety

Promote Safety

LiveView cameras enable safety personnel to monitor conditions on a job site reducing the need to travel back and forth between locations. Our system protects employees by keeping them accountable to safety standards and best practices. In the event of an accident or theft, authorized personnel can retrieve recorded video remotely without the need to be on site. This resolves issues faster and reduces down time.

Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Managers can now monitor multiple job sites from any smart device and focus their attention on the most crucial processes or areas. From the interface, a manager can access a camera and set custom presets for the camera to monitor and record. Investors can monitor progress real time and make more informed decisions based on current conditions.

Project Management

Project Management

LiveView cameras lets contractors and project managers see what is happening on job sites around the clock and capture the data for viewing any time. We make it easier to manage multiple sites and spot check or monitor a project from anywhere Remote management improves safety and reduces travel to and from project sites, saving time and money.

Theft Reduction

Theft Reduction

Having a constant monitoring system on-site dramatically reduces theft and vandalism. LiveView’s system works as an effective compliance monitor for employees and a management tool for archiving work-site progress and activities. Data and video is captured continuously and can be accessed remotely. Managers can feel confident knowing they have constant eyes on projects even when they are traveling or off-site.

Client Relations

Client Relations

Contractors can now provide video access to their clients so they can be a part of the construction process. Commercial clients and homeowners can monitor the progress of their buildings from anywhere. LiveView’s system can be set to record a time-lapse video from beginning to end and document the entire process, while providing easy access from anywhere at any time.

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