David Azur

David Azur

Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Phone: 724-761-2697
Mobile: 412-650-4237
Fax: 724-775-3599
Email: dazur@csiinvestigators.com

About David

Mr. Azur has a unique blend of criminal analysis and executive management experience.

During his career Mr. Azur was employed by Corporate Security Departments inside of several Fortune 500 companies that were responsible for investigating matters of impropriety, fraud, forgery, theft by deception, embezzlement and misappropriation of fiduciary funds among other corporate security related matters. Mr. Azur has worked closely with top expert forensic document examiners in identifying alteration of documents, falsification of company records and the unauthorized endorsements of signatures in various fraudulent schemes.

Mr. Azur has been a government witness for the District Attorney’s Office, States Attorney’s Office, States Attorney General’s Office, Federal Prosecutor’s Office and various States Department of Insurance (DOI) involving regulatory hearings of insurance agent’s misconduct.  His judicial experience encompasses; Interrogatories, Depositions, Motions of Discovery, Summary Judgements, State & Federal Grand Juries, Probable Cause Hearings, State’s Attorney Inquest, Criminal Trials, Civil Trials and Injunctions.

Mr. Azur’s investigations and testimony have resulted in various notable criminal convictions, i.e., multiple Homicides (Murder for Insurance), Embezzlement involving over $1 MM, Conspiracy in altering, backdating and forging insurance applications in an attempt to fraudulent obtain hundreds of thousands of dollars, Tax Evasion and the Revocation of Insurance Agents’ license.  He has been certified as an expert witness in various courts throughout the Country.

He also has served as a Department Head in Internal Audit, Financials Controls, Risk Management, Human Resources, Life Claims, Corporate Security, Strategic Business Administration, and Audit & Compliance.  Mr. Azur’s experience also includes analytical due diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions.

“We search for the elusive truth.”