Uncover the facts with surveillance and you will find the hidden truth.

CSI surveillance investigators capture the unvarnished reality of everyday life. You get actionable evidence that is hard to refute.

CSI Surveillance Investigation.
The job done right, and on budget.

CSI’s professional field investigators, backed by our deep support staff, minimize field time and deliver better outcomes.

Surveillance is a solid investment with CSI as your steward. Both a skill and an art, clandestine observation of human behavior requires talent that can only be gained through experience. At CSI, we are stacked with seasoned field operators who know how to get the job done right the first time and on budget.

Pre-surveillance background and social media investigations

State of the art equipment

Comprehensive reports and video

Chain of evidence control

Ethical practices

Court ready evidence

Eye witness corroboration

What kind of surveillance investigation do you need?

Workers Compensation Surveillance

Benefits Abuse - Workers Compensation, Disability, FMLA

Covert surveillance, both mobile and stationary, is designed to capture the claimant’s activities of daily living. The investigative work product affords the ability to compare documented limitations and restrictions with the reality of their condition or circumstances. The result is the ability to make informed decisions through irrefutable observations.

Business and Workplace Surveillance Investigations

Business and Workplace Investigations

Utilize surveillance to evaluate workplace misconduct including, but not limited to, substance abuse, elder abuse, child abuse, harassment, bullying, theft, threats and violence, illegal contraband, manipulations and other fraudulent activities, including non-compete violations.

Remote Video Surveillance

Remote Video Surveillance

Get visibility where you didn’t think it was possible, practical or affordable. CSI Security brings you LiveView, an amazingly simple, plug-and-play remote video camera system that streams 24/7 live video and data from even the most remote locations, without the need for power or an Internet connection.

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Special Circumstances

Surveillance investigators can be utilized as security who observe and report suspicious activity, track potential threats, observe high value individuals, items or shipments in transit or in stationary positions.

Uncover the truth.
Get the actionable evidence you need.