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Senior investigators, in-house counsel, experienced experts for every investigative discipline—CSI is a diverse, efficient unit of investigators focused on your mission.

Your Investigative Experts

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William Hickman

Chief Executive Officer

“Our vision is to empower our clients with information, services and solutions that afford them the ability to act with clarity and confidence.”

Chief Operating Officer

“We search for the elusive truth.”

Lisa Hickman

Chief Financial Officer Managing Member

“As CFO, I ensure CSI remains a strong and solvent partner for our clients now and in the future.”

Director of Sales

Mr. Morrow brings 20 years of experience creating solutions for clients in the area of investigations and due diligence.

Tiffany Wilfong

Executive Director of Investigations

“The key to a successful investigation is to know the specific objectives you wish to accomplish.”

Nicole Stanec

Director of Background Investigations

“It is my job to let you know what information is available and to tailor the appropriate depth of research.”

“The gravity of the tasks CSI carries out and the lasting impact the results have on our clients drives our desire to exceed expectations.”

Lead Investigator for North Carolina

“I am looking forward to utilizing my extensive law enforcement experience to expand CSI’s expertise in the State of North Carolina.”

Director of Security

“I work with organizations to ensure their security program protects their people and assets while matching their culture.”

Vince Beal

Senior Analyst and Compliance

“Risk Management is often overlooked or underestimated by organizations. I help clients understand “this is the way” to enhance opportunities and prevent threats demonstrating Risk Management should be a consideration of every operational task.”

Senior Advisor

“I’m thrilled to partner with CSI and support the firm’s efforts to deploy specialized experts with urgency and focus to help clients mitigate risk, ensure continuity of operations and protect company assets. My experience as a risk, security, and compliance professional aligns very well with CSI’s strategic goals and objectives and I’m privileged to be a part of this great team!”

Our Promise to You

The CSI Facts to Act arrow represents our promise to you of expert investigation delivered with cost-effective efficiency.

The Facts to Act

Get the maximum edge that critical
information can give you.