Gain the information edge with expert, efficient legal investigation.

Working with CSI, you have a diverse team of investigative experts ready to tackle your toughest assignment. With access to specialized resources in multiple disciplines and backed by in-house counsel, CSI is well equipped to secure the facts you need to win.

How CSI helps criminal defense and civil litigation attorneys and firms.

Acquire Leads

Interview Witnesses

Initiate Surveillance

Serve Subpoenas

Cultivate Facts

Secure Statements

Locate People and Assets

Evaluate Juries

Liaison with Law Enforcement

Conduct Investigative Research

Develop Expert Witnesses

Provide Testimony

Focus on your client – Partner with CSI

Law firm legal investigation services

Focus on what you do best.

CSI not only gives you a competitive advantage, we help you efficiently manage your case load and protect you from becoming a witness to your own case. Let CSI do the heavy lifting so you can focus on case strategy and your client’s best interests.

Stay within Budget

Stay in budget.

CSI understands that you are a steward of a client’s budget. Our intense oversight and management of your case ensures the most effective and cost efficient investigation possible.

An efficient unit of diverse investigative experts at your service.


CSI investigators have the experience to understand your theory of the case and find the facts you need to win. Backed by CSI in-house counsel, they’re fully informed of relevant law and ethics to make sure facts hold up.


Seasoned, resourceful and at the top of their game – CSI investigators provide effective, efficient strategies that you may not have considered.


CSI investigators know how to discreetly handle witnesses, testify, and represent you and your firm with consummate professionalism.

“Without a doubt, CSI is the premier investigative agency. Their work is thorough, accurate and in all cases, reliable.”

Robert DelGreco, Jr.
Dickie McCamey & Chilcote, P.C.

Be the one with the best investigative information.