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CSI is the go-to investigator for motivated insurance companies and fed-up employers looking for serious results.

How CSI helps you win

insurance fraud surveillance services

Actionable facts captured efficiently in targeted windows of opportunity

  • Pre-deployment research to increase surveillance success.
  • Career investigators, not burned-out contractors racking up a bill

Professional, high quality video and reports that hold up

  • High quality, court-ready video evidence that is directly relevant to the case.
  • Clear and easy to read reports that include video stills that punctuate the written description.
high quality video surveillance

“Without a doubt, CSI is the premier investigative agency. Their work is thorough, accurate and in all cases, reliable.”

Robert DelGreco, Jr.
Dickie McCamey & Chilcote, P.C.

Expert Spotlight

Vince Pinchotti

Over his 20-year career, Mr. Pinchotti has personally conducted thousands of complex and sensitive worker’s compensation, insurance liability investigations.

Let's make a real difference
in the fight against insurance fraud.