We give you the
information advantage.

Expert investigators at the top of their game. Better, more actionable investigative reports. A heritage and mission that makes us accountable to the highest standard of investigation. This is how CSI gives you the information advantage.

How CSI Serves you better

Experienced Professionals

Experience you can trust

A sure measure of a firm’s value in the marketplace is the length of time it has survived in this trade. CSI was founded in 1988 by Louis W. Gentile and Robert E. Meinert, people of impeccable character and talent who instilled those attributes in the DNA of CSI. Many companies have come and gone since then. CSI not only remains but thrives.

Expert Investigators

Experts in your corner

CSI’s longevity ensures our client partners deal with consummate professionals day in and day out. Because CSI’s staff are at the top, not the end, of their game they possess an enviable depth of expertise. Through and by their talent they’ve built a firm worthy of your confidence when you find yourself at a critical moment in time.

A partner at your service

A partner at your service

The acute need for hard-to-get information so often springs up with little time to act. When you choose CSI you will partner with a professional you literally can call anytime of the day. You will have full confidence that you’ll receive a quick, responsive reply.

CSI Results

Better results

The important task of creating and memorializing intelligence into a report, video or testimony cannot be understated. CSI generates crisp, easy to read presentations with actionable facts and analysis that efficiently conveys the big picture and minute details. Your time will not be wasted on superfluous words and images.

The CSI Mission

A mission focused on you

Prominently displayed throughout our office and in our communications, our creed reminds us daily to focus on you, our customer: “We the men and women of CSI are mindful that our work transforms the lives and destinies of the people we serve”. Know that it is not lost on us that so much of what is important to you rests on our ability to deliver the best possible results.

Gain the information advantage.