CSI’s Act 67 SSP Course

Provides high quality training for School Police Officers, School Resource Officers, and School Security Guards to certify them for their role as School Security Personnel within their school.

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What is Act 67?

Enacted in July of 2019, Act 67 defines and delineates training requirements for School Resource Officers (SROs), School Police Officers (SPOs), and School Security Guards (SSGs).

Why choose CSI?

  • CSI offers an online self-paced course, with the ability to work evenings and weekends.
  • Choose between our accelerated (5 day) or standard (10 day) course options.
  • CSI runs a minimum of 2 classes every month.
  • CSI’s curriculum is PCCD approved.
  • CSI has utilized the resources of specialists to provide you with state specific operational training.

What is the PCCD?

The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD). PCCD approves all entities who administer certification for Act 67 requirements.