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CSI puts the power of objective, actionable, high value information in your hands — efficiently and affordably like no other investigative firm.

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Expert. Experienced. At the top of their game. No other investigative firm can bring you such deep, diverse expertise so quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

William Hickman

Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Financial Officer Managing Member

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Tiffany Wilfong

Executive Director of Investigations

Nicole Stanec

Director of Background Investigations

Lead Investigator for North Carolina

Director of Security

Vince Beal

Senior Analyst and Compliance

Expert investigators.
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CSI owns your mission from the moment we say hello. We deploy our specialized experts with urgency and focus to ensure your interests are protected and your problems are solved.


Working with people is the most challenging aspect of any investigation. Both a science and an art, CSI investigators are skilled at extracting information from the unwilling.


Cutting edge thinking is necessary to exploit emerging technology and social trends. CSI continuously invests in the state-of-the-art tools and techniques to develop actionable intelligence for you.


There are times when investigators must be willing to get creative. CSI investigators attack obstacles and challenges and will refuse to give up on your cause.


Extraordinary ethical and professional conduct is paramount to the investigator’s code. CSI, without question, follows the law, maintains strict confidentiality and never compromises ethical boundaries.

Our Promise to You

The CSI Facts to Act arrow represents our promise of precision investigations, accurate facts, and targeted insights delivered to you quickly and efficiently.

The Facts to Act

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